Bread & Soup

A staple of the ages…..fresh bread with a warm bowl of soup has historically been known to be a healing balm for rainy days, broken hearts, and hungry souls.  

During the morning work cycle, the children are invited to form the day’s bread and begin preparation for the soup du jour. This seasonal food work allows everyone the opportunity to participate.  It is a way for each person to show their love and experience their value within the Montessori community.  

Of course, we at Willow Tree Montessori have a respect for all things.  This includes the earth along with the plants, people, and animals who rely upon her for life.  We are diligent in our efforts to supply only organic foods either produced here, acquired from our local farm, Clover Nook, or in markets that are committed to natural and organic foods.

*Any food allergies are considered when crafting our breads and soup du jour. Fresh bread will be formed and baked on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and will be available during the lunchtime meal.  

High Tea Friday

Spring arrives with a renewal of spirit and life.  During this season, Willow Tree Montessori presents High Tea to the All Day and Kindergarten children.  Drawing on their individual development of the “will” during the earlier months, it is during this time that the children are most able to present their refined skills in patience, grace and courtesy, and service to the larger community.  

Thursday mornings mark the beginning of our preparations for the Friday service.  Everyone is invited to help in the making of a simple gateau (cake) and store it until the next day.  High Tea culminates with the children choosing a caffeine-free, fruit tea and a small piece of the gateau.  It is an elegant sharing to end our work week.