The outline below is provided to guide you in the application process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at (203) 393-3100.

Call (203) 393-3100 or send a message on our Contact Page to schedule a school tour.   A visit is required for all families seeking admission for their child into WTM.  Regretfully, we can not accommodate children at this first visit.
Send in your Application PackageWhen the decision to apply is made, complete the application form and send it to the school with a non-refundable $100.00 New Family fee.  Carefully review the material and ensure completion of each category to avoid any possibility of admission delay.
Child visit with Guide.  Your child will be invited to meet with the Guide.  It is an opportunity for him or her to experience the specially prepared environment and it allows the Guide to see your child respond and move within it.  This is an important interaction that will  enable a bond to begin forming between them.
Receive a decision regarding placement. Once steps 1 through 3 have been completed, a timely decision will be made regarding your child’s placement. Admissions are made by the teaching staff.  These decisions are based on an evaluation of the child’s visit, school transcripts (if needed), and the needs of the existing class with regard to balance of age, sex, and ethnic diversity.  If it is our judgment that your child would have a difficult time in a Montessori environment, we will inform you immediately after the interview.
Return the Enrollment Contract.  If a position is offered to your child, a tuition deposit will be due with the Enrollment Contract.  Upon receipt of a tuition deposit, we will hold a place for your child in our program and you will be contractually obligated for the year’s tuition.  (The school will forgive tuition after a withdrawal only if we are able to replace the student withdrawn with another child of the same age.)