Simply Beautiful! This is my first time observing a Montessori environment in action. From the moment you walk in you are swept away into a calm, enriching educational experience. I see the older children baking a cake together; helping one another scoop, pour and stir. My daughter is washing, peeling, cutting a carrot. Then clearing up after herself without being asked. A [middle child] is busy painting ‘Picasso”-like paintings and [another child] is concentrating on multiplication, while [younger child] works on the continents and their animals. Now I overhear the children singing the “State Song” as [younger child] corrects any mistakes he hears. I wish I could be here everyday! It’s quite lovely that 3-5 year olds can be describes as peaceful. It reminds me of a yoga retreat! Absolutely glorious! And Mrs. Bielik is the unifying thread that holds it all together. This is my third child to go through Montessori, but the first time with Mrs. Bielik. She is indescribable, an inspiration to us all! We are all blessed to have her a part of our lives.

Dr. Karey Rainey-Maxwell, D.M.D.

Infinity Dental Care, Woodbridge

Karey Rainey-Maxwell