Eric Frazer, Psy. D.
Psy. D.

If you are reading this letter, you are in the same place I was many years ago when the time came to make a decision about preschool. In those days, the frenzy was about making sure everything was ‘perfect’ for my sons, and it was almost by chance I heard about Montessori schools since that had not been a part of my upbringing. read more

Karey Maxwell

Simply Beautiful! This is my first time observing a Montessori environment in action. From the moment you walk in you are swept away into a calm, enriching educational experience. I see the older children baking a cake together; helping one another scoop, pour and stir. My daughter is washing, peeling, cutting a carrot. read more

Terri  L. Williams
Professor of Mathematics, PhD.

This environment is more than we could have dreamed for our son. He is flourishing socially, learning kind and peaceful ways to interact with other children and adults, as well as academically. The team at Willow Tree are providing a warm and at the same time challenging  (applying the principles of productive struggle read more

Meg Gill
Former Children's Librarian

What a beautiful introduction into life and learning!  The foundational qualities  of a Montessori education will carry these children through their entire lives.  I am so excited for [my son] to  begin his Montessori journey. read more

Gillian Fattal
Executive Director

I came to my first observation this morning and was immediately taken by how peaceful but busy the environment is.  The children were happy and very engrossed in their work.  The time went by so quickly.  I can’t wait to come again!  I thank you for a wonderful and inspired winter morning. read more


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