Willow Tree Roots

An expression of love for the child forms the roots of Willow Tree Montessori.  It was my son, Nicholas that brought me to this work. His love of nature, introspective ways, and independence guided me to this method of life….Montessori.  
The old Weeping Willow tree across the street from our home in Plymouth, Massachusetts was his favorite tree and from his “thinking” spot he spent a good bit of time watching the leaves sway in the breeze.  At three years, his old soul was wise and beautiful, and free.  
My husband, as a graduate of the Naval Academy, took us across the nation in each direction in his service to our country. The three of us spent much time experiencing and appreciating the diversity of life around us.  Upon my husband’s retirement , we settled in Connecticut near family knowing that New England was the only place for us. 

Nicholas began Woodland Regional High School in his 10th grade year. After graduation he attended  Rutgers University in New Jersey as he was interested in Political Science and History, like his father. 

The beginning of his second year ended in tragedy (2008) as he, at the age of 18 years, was struck by a car while crossing the street returning from the library near his house.  


This school has been a dream of mine for many, many years.  But, with the passing of my son, it seems the most appropriate way to celebrate his life. 

Willow Tree Montessori is not only a tribute to my son, Nicholas, for guiding me to my life’s purpose, but it is my small contribution to humanity through my work with the child.  Love continues…